Private Residence, Guildford

Roof Works, Minor Alterations and Refurbishment.

Sometimes a home needs a bit of love on the inside, and outside. This great and contemporary private residence is a showcase of excellent craftsmanship, as well as detail-driven interior design.

An exciting project that highlights a range of the Roak teams' building skills through the roof, cladding and external stone works. It also boasts impressive remodelling and stone flooring throughout the building.

Architect@Lees Munday

TA Jan 2020 – London NW1 

ROAK were polite, friendly, honest, straightforward, on time and on a budget but more than that, the quality of their work was really good. I believe that the end result is a property of greatly enhanced value and I know, from living in it for several months now, that it is a really comfortable and well-functioning place in which to live.

CM 2020 Surrey

We’ve worked with other builders on housing projects before, and frequently had issues or disappointments; we experienced none of this with ROAK. We’re delighted with the work and approach of ROAK and would recommend them without hesitation. They are skilled, realistic and professional to work with. We would absolutely work with them again.

JG 2021 London

Roak is like a family to us and have been looking after us for over 14 years. We feel very safe knowing they are around! If anything goes wrong in the house, Roak can fix it. Roak’s workmanship is to a vey high standard, everyone on the team works very hard and are trustworthy.